Cornerstone Spirit of Detroit: Parent Network

The Spirit of Detroit Project, working together with local schools, strives passionately to surround our students with a loving community, a “family of friends,” intent on their flourishing in every way—academically, socially, and spiritually.  We know that a unified, nurturing, family-like environment makes all the difference in young peoples’ ability to thrive and develop fully according to their God-given talents.

Accordingly, The Spirit of Detroit Project has as a primary focus the building up of our parent community. Parents are the school’s most important partners in creating a culture of acceptance, collaboration, truthfulness, responsibility, wonder, and most of all, love. Furthermore, we know that a culture of genuine love is most effectively produced when founded on the ideals and principals taught by Jesus.

In the Spirit of Jesus, then, we work together with our parents to build bonds of friendship and cooperation, to promote the sharing of ideas and inspiration, and to cover all that transpires at school in prayer. We envision a parent/family network that will have a visible presence and noticeable impact at each campus, as well as an actual membership with both benefits and responsibilities. We wish to facilitate those vital contributions that only our parents can bring to the broader school community, as well as seek to support them practically and spiritually in the sacred task they have as parents of school-aged children.

We will provide regular venues for parents to come together in the name of Jesus to be encouraged by sharing the common aspirations they have for their children, lessons learned along the way, ideas for improvement, and most of all, prayer together. At times, we will do this in the context of a shared meal; at times, we may also arrange for a guest speaker. All we do as The Spirit of Detroit Project will aim at supporting, inspiring, and equipping our parents, drawing them together more closely around the school, and partnering with them in the Spirit of Jesus for the good of the students.

Contact Dave O’Connor at 313-590-4365 for more information about the Parent Network and ways to volunteer and help with our The Spirit of Detroit Project.